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Encoder ENX 4 MAG, 1-256 cpt, 3-channel

Encoder ENX 4 MAG, 1-256 cpt, 3-channel
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General information
Counts per turn 1
Number of channels 3
Line Driver No
Max. length of encoder housing 2.7 mm
Max. electrical speed 100000 rpm
Max. mechanical speed 100000 rpm
Technical Data
Supply voltage Vcc 3.3V ± 10.0%
Output signal Incremental
Driver used logic Single Ended, CMOS
Output current per channel -4...4 mA
Signal rise time 10 ns
Measurement condition for signal rise time CL=25pF, RL=1kOhm
Signal fall time 10 ns
Measurement condition for signal fall time CL=25pF, RL=1kOhm
Direction of rotation A before B CW
Index position A low & B low
Index synchronized to AB Yes
Typical current draw at standstill 13 mA
Max. moment of inertia of code wheel 0.002 gcm²
Operating temperature -40...+100 °C
Orientation of encoder output to motor flange 0 °
Weight 5 g


maxon ENX encoders feature a robust design and high signal quality. The ENX MAG is a compact 3-channel encoder. A resolution of up to 256 counts per turn can be programmed at the factory. Equipped with a practical flexprint supply cable, the ENX MAG is ideal for a wide variety of positioning and speed control applications. The counts per turn can be configured online.