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DEC Module 24/2, digital 1-Q-EC Amplifier 24 V / 2 A, speed control, OEM module

Part number 367661

DEC Module 24/2, digital 1-Q-EC Amplifier 24 V / 2 A, speed control, OEM module
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Weight 4 g
EC motors up to 48 W
Digital Hall sensors (EC Motors) Yes
Operating modes
Speed controller (open loop) Yes
Speed controller (closed loop) Yes
Electrical data
Operating voltage Vcc (min.) 8 V
Operating voltage Vcc (max.) 24 V
Max. output voltage (factor * Vcc) 1
Max. output current Imax 3 A
Continuous output current Icont 2 A
PWM clock frequency of power stage 46.8 kHz
Sampling rate PI speed controller 0.25 kHz
Max. speed (EC; 1 pole pair) block commutation 80000 rpm
Built-in motor choke per phase 0 µH
Hall sensor signals H1, H2, H3
Digital inputs 4
Functionality of digital inputs enable, direction, speed range
Analog inputs 2
Resolution, range, circuit 10-bit, 0…+5V, referenced to Ground
Functionality of analog inputs set value, current limit
Digital outputs 1
Functionality of digital outputs ready
Voltage outputs
Hall sensor supply voltage +5 VDC, max. 35 mA
Protective functions
Protective functions current limit, blockage protection, excess temperature, undervoltage, overvoltage, voltage transients, short-circuits in the motor cable
Ambient conditions
Temperature – Operation (min.) -10 °C
Temperature – Operation (max.) 45 °C
Temperature – Storage (min.) -40 °C
Temperature – Storage (max.) 85 °C
Humidity (non-condensing) (min.) 20 %
Humidity (non-condensing) (max.) 80 %
Mechanical data
Weight 4 g
Dimension (length) 24.2 mm
Dimension (width) 20.38 mm
Dimension (height) 12.7 mm
Mounting mountable on socket terminal strips pitch 2.54 mm


The DEC Module 24/2 (Digital EC Controller) is a 1-quadrant amplifier for controlling EC motors with Hall sensors with a maximum output of 48 watts.