zub machine control: Multi-axis controllers for demanding systems

Successful realization of challenging control solutions with highly dynamic drive synchronization or curve interpolation for multi-axis systems: For more than 30 years, this has been the philosophy of zub machine control AG. At the end of 2017, zub joined the maxon motor group to complement maxon's 50 years of experience in positioning control.

The company successfully creates freely programmable (C/C++ or state machine) and (on request) customized control solutions for special equipment and machinery, mobile and lightweight robotics, as well as many other applications that use EtherCAT, CANopen, Profinet, etc.

If needed, support can be provided to assist customers with a safety concept and qualification.

The zub controllers with on-board EtherCAT master and slave bus interfaces can also be used as a bridge (e.g. EtherCAT bridge) to provide the most cost-efficient and compact interface between a higher-level control system and the motion control system.

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One hundred thousand pieces per hour

In the running production process, each newspaper in the conveyor flow is detected by sensors.Intelligent drive controllers automatically calculate the required motion profile and starting time for feeding in the different elements. Advertising inserts or labels are accelerated automatically so that they reach the newspaper at the exact same speed and in the right position.https://www.zub.li/zub/en/applications/industry.html

A few examples of the micro controllers offered by zub machine control follow.


Motion control with integr. power stages

The MACS5 series by zub is a flexible and powerful master controller family with up to 6 encoder inputs (absolute and incremental). Available interfaces are EtherCAT master or Ethernet, 2x CANopen, and  EtherCAT slave as an option. Optionally also available with integrated amplifiers for up to 6 axes.


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Motion control for up to 32 axes

MasterMACS is zub's most powerful master controller and offers a large range of industrial bus interfaces, such as 2x CANopen, 2x EtherCAT-Bus, Ethernet and more.


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Low-cost control for 1 to 3 axes

MiniMACS is zub's most cost-efficient multi-axis control solution on CANopen basis, available in a compact housing or DIN housing.


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  • For a smooth elevator ride

    The motion control module and the software of zub machine control AG support specific solutions for limiting the maximum change in acceleration per time unit [ms] for the individual motion states. The maximum jerk can be optimized to create the sensation that the elevator does not move at all – yet when the door opens again, you find yourself on a different floor.

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  • For a well-organized warehouse

    Many hospitals and pharmacies use specialized smaller-scale automated storage and picking systems for managing their pharmaceutical stocks. In these systems, high-precision transport of the goods is very important. Automatic optimization of transport routes and the ability to change target positions at any time increase the performance of such systems.

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  • For precise cuts

    In the production of insulation mats made of stone wool, the endless material is cut into individual elements by flying saws. The saw units are accelerated on transverse traveling gears parallel to the conveyor belt until their longitudinal speed and position match those of the material on the conveyor belt. Once the saws penetrate the material, their longitudinal motion is synchronized with the conveyor speed once per millisecond.

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