• maxon Partners with Open-Source Champion Auterion to Galvanize Drone Industry

    Strategic partnership will offer industry changing avionics and propulsion system integration for software-defined drones that mark future of drone scaling.

    Drive specialist maxon – whose precision electric motors are enabling the autonomous helicopter Ingenuity and rover Perseverance to explore Mars – announced today its partnership with Auterion, the company building an open and software-defined future for enterprise drone fleets.

  • The Mars helicopter makes history - with maxon’s precision motors

    Space fans are thrilled: NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter has successfully completed its pioneering flight on Mars.

    This is the first time in the history of powered, unmanned spaceflight that a device has flown in a controlled manner on another planet.

  • Now available: new DRIVEN magazine and maxon’s product catalog

    The new issue of DRIVEN, the maxon magazine, awaits the reader with fascinating articles about agricultural robotics, drone technology, and cleanrooms.

    maxon is also releasing the new 2021/2022 product catalog, with over 560 pages of drive systems and new product information such as the EPOS4 Disk positioning controller.

  • maxon takes to the air

    Unmanned flight

    Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, drones, mini helicopters: Whatever you want to call them, are useful for much more than just amateur photography

  • Congratulations to Emirates Team New Zealand – winner of the 36th America’s Cup!

    They have gone and done it again. Emirates Team New Zealand have retained the America’s Cup over the Italian Challenger Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli.

    maxon Group extend their heartfelt congratulations to Emirates Team New Zealand.

  • Will history repeat itself for the 36th America’s Cup?

    Three times winner and current Defender, Emirates Team New Zealand might just be the team to beat to win the 36th America's Cup when they go up against Italy’s Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli.

    With an average age of 31 years, the crew between them have 7 Olympic medals and 35 world titles.

  • Swiss precision motors handle the valuable Mars soil samples

    NASA’s Perseverance rover will be landing on Mars on February 18th. Was there once life on Mars?

    The NASA rover Perseverance is landing on Mars on February 18. Was there life on Mars in the past? This is the question that one of the most complex robotic systems ever built by humankind has set out to answer. Several of maxon’s electric drives are used for handling the soil samples—and control the first Mars helicopter.

  • maxon and Fourier Intelligence join forces to transform rehabilitation technology

    maxon Group and Fourier Intelligence announce that they are entering into a global strategic partnership

    maxon's precision drive systems and the start-up Fourier's Intelligence’s rehabilitation robotics are a perfect match and are expected to drive the development of new technologies for patients.

  • maxon introduces a multi-axis controller for highly dynamic positioning tasks

    maxon is launching the next generation of Motion Controllers with its MiniMACS6-AMP-4/50/10. The controller is ideal for use in applications where PLC solutions may be too expensive or cannot meet customer-specific requirements.

    maxon’s new multi-axis controller, the MiniMACS6-AMP-4/50/10, offers precise and highly dynamic control of up to six brushed DC motors or four brushless DC motors (up to 540 W continuous output power and 1.6 kW peak output power). The controller is an economical and compact solution for system designers who develop autonomous robots or shuttle systems.

  • 5 challenges an electric motor has to overcome on Mars

    Outer space is unforgiving. This is why precision drives embarking on a trip to other planets need to meet extremely high-quality standards.

    Every Mars drive from maxon is based on a catalog product and is modified for the specific mission. That’s because the DC motors, gearheads, and encoders face brutal conditions during liftoff, the long journey through space, and the mission on the Red Planet. In this blog, I will talk about the properties a drive needs to have to qualify for a journey to Mars.

  • How to design an exoskeleton

    An exoskeleton must be lightweight, compact, powerful, reliable, and easy to use – what could be easier?

    Many developers around the world dabble in this discipline with different degrees of success. Christian Bermes, head of the VariLeg enhanced team explains what it all comes down to.

  • Trap the trash

    A spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) has been given responsibility for a EUR 100 million project by the European Space Agency, ESA.

    ClearSpace SA now heads a consortium developing the first debris removal mission in the Earth’s orbital field.

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